Pastor’s Newsnotes

Pastor’s News Notes 12/21/2014

The Candle Light Walk takes place this Sunday evening. This has become one of my favorite Christmas observances since coming to Sierra Madre and St. Rita. There have been a library full of books written on the differences between Christian denominations and how they came to be since the splintering of Christianity in the 16th century. However, all of that seems to fade at the Candle Light Walk when citizens of Sierra Madre and members of her Christian churches light up the darkness with their little candles and literally find common ground in front of St. Rita Church. As we walk down past our sister churches of Ascension and Bethany toward Kersting Court and the Manger Scene (and the Grand Menorah), let us carry a common prayer for the unity of Christians, for Judeo Christian respect and dignity, and for Islamic Judeo Christian sanity.

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