Pastor’s Corner

Pastor’s Corner 9/21/2014

School is in full swing and once again I hear the voices of angels calling out to each other outside in the play yard during recess and P.E. Amidst all of the laughter, shouting, and general mayhem, occasionally, I hear the familiar cry, “BUT THAT’S NOT FAIR!” And I wonder, how early on in their young lives did they pick up the notion and the idea that something is or is not fair. Did they first get it from a parent or a sibling or, perhaps from a playmate? A parent, it seems to me, even though they believe it was he or she that got the idea across, must still be at least startled the first time one’s own child pronounces the “fair or not fair” judgment upon something the parent has done. Even some of our children with family at Mass protest that other members of the family receive a host and they only get a blessing. The look I often get is one of “What’s up with that!”

Pastor’s Corner 8/10/2014

Lord Save Me!

Supernatural is the operative word for today’s readings. God speaks to Elijah in a breeze; Jesus comes to his disciples walking on the water. Last week, from the same chapter of Matthew, it was the multiplication of loaves and fishes. Miracle following upon miracle and all with the obvious conclusion—Jesus can accomplish what would be obviously impossible for us mere humans (by the way, a truth not lost on our patroness, St. Rita). He is supernatural! Even the disciples conclude, “Truly, you are the Son of God.”

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