Saint Rita School

Joanne Harabedian • 626.355.6114 • [email protected]

St. Rita School, established in 1922, is a family-based, culturally diverse community. Instruction is not only focused on academic excellence, but on the personal character development of each student. Our Religious Education focuses on Jesus Christ as the instructional model for our daily living. Our visionary 21st century learning includes an expansive language arts process that includes daily grammar, writing, guided reading, and Words their Way. Our S.T.E.A.M curriculum was developed by Rice University and meets all of the “Next Generation Science Standards” in grades TK-8. We offer leveled and accelerated math instruction using both Saxon and Simple Solutions math curriculums. Our competitive academic excellence also includes instruction in fine arts, music, robotics using 1:1 iPads along with a state of the art computer lab with a 3-D printer. We partner with local high schools to expand instruction opportunities beyond our grade levels. We are very proud that the majority of our students perform above the district benchmark requirements.

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