(Come along on Tuesday nights…)

RCIA, the “Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults” is the path the Catholic Church provides for any adult who wants to become a Catholic or, perhaps, needs to receive any of the sacraments. Were you baptized or, maybe, even received your “First Communion” but were never “Confirmed?” Do you just want to have a better relationship with Jesus Christ or generally refresh and deepen your knowledge of your faith? You could simply be curious about this Church and faith that is so much in the news now. Well, come along with us on Tuesday nights! We meet at 7:30 pm in the Parish Office conference room beginning on Tuesday Sept. 10, 2019 and culminate with the Easter Vigil mass on April 11, 2020. There is absolutely no pressure. God may be trying to start a conversation with you…for a few months, give yourself the gift of time on Tuesday nights to explore this idea.

Contact: Parish Office: Susan Blakeslee 626-355-1292; email: [email protected]

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