Pastor’s Newsnotes 9/9/2012

I’m having visions!!! (No, not those kind!)—Visions for the future of our parish life and ministry. Today I want to express thanks and gratitude to the members of our “Vision Committee,” which just completed its charge “to survey and interview” all of our parish leadership and “to compile a summary” of what the leadership and the members of our parish groups and organizations perceive to be the best move forward for our St. Rita faith community. The Committee members are: Colleen McKernan (Chair), Jeff Allen, David Chambers, Bill Hardy, Jennifer McFaul, and Melissa Stutenroth. Thank you indeed! Along with these who gave so much time and dedication to St. Rita in their endeavors, we also need to say Thank You to all of the leaders, coordinators, heads, and administrators of our institutions, groups, and organizations for filling out the surveys and for meeting personally to provide the input for the final Vision Committee Report.

Now we must honor all their hard work by communicating well and by widely distributing the results of the report. To that end, Mary Lou Butler, our Director of Administration, and I will provide copies of the committee’s findings to all staff, leadership, and members of the Parish Council and Finance Council. The parish annual report will also include this information for all parishioners and Mary Lou will be using this very valuable information as she guides us through to St. Rita Parish Stewardship.

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