Pastor’s Newsnotes 9/16/2012

Today I want to add my thanks and gratitude to Martin Boskovich, who served as a very active and important part of our “Vision Committee.” Martin, please accept my apology for omitting your name in last week’s NewsNotes.

Hospitality Sunday was a huge success! I hope last Sunday’s mingling and meeting with fellow parishioners—did you introduce yourself to someone you didn’t know?—will be just the beginning of a more connected faith community here at

St. Rita. Thank you to all those who helped make Hospitality Sunday a reality—Mary Lou Butler, Rosemary Hagerott, the

St. Rita Guild, the St. Rita Men’s Club, any I may have forgotten to list, and a special thank-you to the donor of the table umbrellas! (More tables and more umbrellas will be making an appearance soon.)

This is Catechetical Sunday—the beginning of our new year where seasoned members of our faith pass their knowledge and faith in God to the next generation. Thank you to all those who give of their time to do this very important work.

Please plan to attend our Ministry Fair next Sunday. All ministries and organizations in our parish are working to create displays to let you know just what is available in our parish. Come see!

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