Pastor’s Newsnotes 8/25/2013

Stewardship, Feasibility, and Capital Campaign—An Update

In the name of advancing our St. Rita Pastoral Plan of 2007 and our overall Master Plan, we began seriously entering into a time of Christian Stewardship Renewal—a time of placing time, treasure, and talent in the service of the Lord right here in our wonderful and, indeed, blessed portion of the Lord’s vineyard. We are already in the preparation stages for holding our second annual Ministry Fair, that you may remember was so high-spirited and successful last year. I’m sure you also recall that we entered a time of feasibility study that included personal interviews and an in-pew survey at all of the weekend masses to test the waters of a possible Capital Campaign.

As we move forward, I would like you to be aware of the following:

The overall scope of the originally envisioned Campaign and its three phases has been adjusted (and in some cases reduced) to match levels of support by our parishioners.

While we reported that 97% of parishioners are in agreement that St. Rita should conduct a Capital Campaign to repair, upgrade, and renew in order to facilitate our parish life and ministry, what the Capital Campaign should ultimately accomplish has shifted. I am confident that the scope of our Campaign will convince you that your voices were heard. After all, only what the parish has indicated it would support is ultimately doable.

With input from Campaign consultants, our Parish Councils, and further study of successful parish campaigns, we are hoping to announce Campaign plans in mid-fall of this year.

To aid and guide us in planning for a successful Campaign, I am happy to announce, that we have retained Laura Asok of CCS as our On-site Campaign Coordinator. Laura was the chief interviewer from our feasibility study process.

As pastor, I have never been more excited for St. Rita Parish! And once you begin learning (rather soon) of all of the blessings and opportunities for furthering Jesus’ mission of salvation and redemption right here in our little parish of St. Rita, I know that you will share that excitement and be eager to see our Campaign reach its goals. With full heart, this pastor is giving his all to this holy cause!

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