Pastor’s Newsnotes 7/1/2012

Welcome Mary Lou!—As we welcome Mary Lou Butler, our new Parish Director of Administration this weekend, my thoughts go to St. Rita’s “present moment.” After Tim Lopez and I held leadership meetings and parishioner open houses, we announced a path of committee work that would bring us a St. Rita Development Plan.

Number One on the list was raising our awareness of call to stewardship; then came a plan to address all of the challenges raised by our facilities assessments; and then the need to formulate a vision—a rallying point—that hopefully our parish members would get excited about. So behind the scenes a steering committee, of sorts, that we titled “The Vision Committee,” has been quietly working to gather information and ideas from a cross-section of our parishioners to more clearly identify the current and further needs and wishes of those who carry on daily pastoral life and ministry. It is my hope then, that we will pick up the banner of stewardship and development for St. Rita as we offer our support of and cooperation with Mary Lou, our new Director of Administration. Mary Lou has been well briefed on the path described above and she is very eager to help realize our dreams of building up God’s kingdom here in our little part of his vineyard. We are so blessed on so many levels here at St. Rita, let us prove our gratitude to God now by collaborating with Mary Lou—and by providing fertile soil to grow the precious seeds we have already sown with the grace of God.

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