Pastor’s Newsnotes 4/14/2013

This past week, we thanked our present Pastoral Council and acknowledged the wonderful work they have done in implementing our Pastoral Plan, furthering growth in ministries and working on the Master Plan.

George Landis, Vice-Chair

Cynthia Amerio

Cristina Cullen

Joanne Harabedian

Erny Henry

Dave Loera

Chuck McDaniels

Sheila Palazzolo

Ana Ptasinski

Ellen Radle

I would also like to thank and acknowledge the following members who have served with me in previous years:

 Virgil Archambault

Louise Bigley

Pam Cimino

Al Green

Sara Landis

Ron McGinley

Melissa Stutenroth

Patty Sullivan

Steve Walsh

Thank you for being good stewards by sharing your time and talents with St. Rita Parish.

We have been blessed by your generosity!

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