Pastor’s Newsnotes 11/4/2012

Liturgy Projection—
At the 10 AM Sunday Mass on October 21st, we experimented with projecting words and songs on the wall in the church as a means to aiding participation. We thought we would try it out at one Mass to see how it would be received. There were a considerable number of folks who applauded the experiment, but there were also a number of VERY IMPASSIONED reactions by others. Some felt that it was a real aid to participation, while others felt it was “yet another screen to stare at—the very thing I’m trying to escape when I come to church.” To all, please know that this is an ongoing exploration of a widely used tool in today’s church. For 20 years now, our bishops have been sending out videos meant for us to show on a screen in church for the people to view and receive teaching and instruction. And one of the principle initiatives of our St. Rita Pastoral Plan is “to promote and enable full and active participation in the liturgy. PLEASE BE PATIENT. And we will continue “to consult among the People of God” what and how much of projection in church might serve St. Rita best. Thanks for the responses already received!

School Harvest Festival. What can I say except “Wow”, “Good Job”, and “Thank You” to the parents and faculty of St. Rita School who worked so hard and for so long to put on such a super week-end of fun and fundraising! The attributes of Stewardship—Time, Talent, & Treasure—were certainly in evidence at our parish this past week-end. Thank you, St. Rita School!

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