Pastor’s Newsnotes 10/28/2012

A Very Sad Note Indeed—This past week, scout leadership brought it to my attention that a deceased St. Rita parishioner was one of those named who had a “confidential record sheet” with the Boy Scouts of America. The records are dated April of 1968 and relate to the first scout troop chartered at St. Rita, Troop 372. I want to assure you that this pastor had no knowledge of this “confidential” record. Scouting continues today at St. Rita only because St. Rita Parents wish the opportunity of scouting for their boys and girls. With this latest revelation, I want to once again assure our parishioners that victims of abuse are our priority of concern and prayer. It is for them and for all of today’s children and youth that I have insisted on St. Rita being not only in compliance with fingerprinting, background checks, VIRTUS programming for abuse prevention, and Safeguard The Children, but also that we be leaders and coordinators for these programs. May I also point out that Boy Scouts of America has its own internal systems in place now for screening leaders and volunteers and for preventing abuse. I appeal to all in our parish to be vigilant in the care and supervision of all of our children and youth and to pray for the healing and recovery of all who have suffered abuse.

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