Pastor’s News Notes 4/29/2018

My Very Dear Parishioners,

To say the least, these final weeks I have remaining at St. Rita, as pastor, are so precious; I find myself trying to milk every hour of extra minutes that just are not there. This past week I have received so many urgings to “come by the house” – “we need to get you over before you leave” and “we’ll call Paula and get you on the calendar.” Folks, I just can’t.  Simple truth, I feel overwhelmed; I want to say ‘yes’ to everyone, but it is just impossible. YOU ARE ALL VERY SPECIAL TO ME. Also, my “TO DO LIST” before leaving, is already subject to purging and I feel very bad about everything that I have to say ‘no’ to. So I hope and pray you understand. I would like to do my very best on the activities, projects, and obligations that are already demanding time and preparation. No kidding, health is an issue here and I may not ignore that if I want to “finish strong.”  I love you and thank you for your understanding. Hope you can join in on June 2!

Fr. Richard

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