Pastor’s News Notes 3/11/2018


Last October, I knew that come March 2018 I would be nearing my final weeks as pastor of St. Rita and that it would be wise to take some time for some days of retreat. To that end, I carved out of the calendar March 11th, after Mass, through Saturday, March 17th. Now I am realizing the true wisdom and gift of the Holy Spirit in making that decision. I am about to undergo a significant and major change in my life—no need to alert the media. I need some quality “Come-to-Jesus Moments” to begin this personal transition. Thank you so much for the prayers you have already been sending to heaven for me and thank you for a few extra Hail Marys during this week away. Keep the new guy in your prayers as well (I am!)—prayers for him will double as prayers for the future of St. Rita.

Blessings and my prayers for you as well, Msgr. Richard

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