Pastor’s News Notes 2/19/2017

Our Pastoral Council had its monthly meeting on February 6th.  Report: Our Chair, Maryann MacGillivray, has been guiding the Council through a discussion and review of St. Rita’s 2007 Pastoral Plan.  The plan was produced by St. Rita Parishioners to set priorities for St. Rita parish life and ministry over the short term of 5 years and the long term of 10 years.  Since 2017 marks completion of 10 years, the council is basically asking the guiding questions: “What has been accomplished?” “What is the present moment?” and “Where should we go from here?” Once the council has come up with a proposed draft for an updated pastoral plan, the draft will be distributed to you the parishioners for further suggestions and comment.  Going forward, please look for regular reports of the Pastoral Council meetings here in the bulletin and on line.

Pastoral Council Members:  Maryann MacGillivray (Chair), Martin Boscovich, Lisa Bowman, Running Bear Bunch, Rita Cortez, Al Francia, Pat Gibson, Michele Gil, Wendy Gruber, Bill Hardy, Linda McDaniels, Chris Miller, James Pontello, Justin Smith, Bob Swan, and Julie Vallante.  (Ex-Officio:  Mary Lou Butler and Fr. Richard.)

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