Pastor’s News Notes 10/9/2016


It was my joy, honor, and privilege, this past weekend to attend the annual meeting of the EOHS in Tucson, Arizona.  It was and added blessing for me, as well, to be present for the solemn investiture of Sir Paul T. Urrea and his wife, Lady Nora A. Urrea, as new members of the Order.  Nora, Paul, and their children, of course, many of you know as our parishioners. Congratulations to them!

I was knighted last year, and I am looking forward, together with other Knights and Ladies, to share with you the wonderful mission of this Order and to promote that mission here at St. Rita over the months and years ahead.  For now let me just say that the principle mission of the Order is the support of Christians in the Holy Land and, in general, the promotion of peace in the Middle East.  Stay tuned!

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