Pastor’s Corner 9/1/2019


In Webster’s dictionary it defines humility as not proud or arrogant. In the first reading from Sirach we hear these words of wisdom: “humble yourself the more the greater you are, and you will find favor with God.” If you watch any sporting event, it is refreshing to see a humble winner. While there are great athletes, many are very full of themselves and very arrogant. They make a huge show of what they have accomplished through the assistance of others. As followers of Christ we must constantly be on guard from having the world revolve around us. The world revolves around God, who was humble enough to “accept death, even death on a cross” (Philippians 2:6). Jesus is God yet he, great as he was, humbled himself and took on our human form. Though he is all-powerful he is not proud or arrogant. With strength of spirit he obediently accepted death for our salvation. He has shown us the way. No matter how small or great our position, we are called to follow him – our God – who came to serve and not to be served.

God wants to accomplish great things through us, but we have to be humble enough to be God’s instruments. The virgin Mary is a very good example of someone who was a vessel of God’s presence. She was joy-filled and all generations call her blessed, because she was humble enough to say yes to God and God’s plan for her life. May our lives reflect her humility and joy, so that we too may be called blessed among people. Peace.

—Fr. Tom

P.S. In three weeks we have our Ministry Fair. It is vital that every baptized person consider ways to connect and grow in faith. This Ministry Fair will offer a variety of ways to connect and grow – a variety of ways to serve – and I hope you entrust yourself to God’s grace and allow Him to move you to serve. We need you.

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