Pastor’s Corner 8/9/2020

Step of Faith

What the apostles thought was a ghost turned out to be Jesus. How loving the words He spoke: “Take courage…do not be afraid.” We too, have seen “ghosts” that have turned out to be blessings in disguise. We may have been fearful of a situation only to find out in the end that it was something for our good.

We need faith and trust. Jesus is never a ghost, never merely a story in the Bible whose promises are no more than recorded messages to be read over and over. Jesus is God, here beside each of us whenever we need Him.

During these stressful times of COVID-19 it isn’t surprising that we are afraid and filled with anxiety. To step out of the boat (our comfort zone) onto the water as Peter did is not enough. Our faith must keep us walking even when the waves are high. We must know that the One in whom we trust is not a product of our imagination, but truly Jesus, the Son of God. He is always with us and will assist in helping us through whatever storm we encounter. Let us entrust our fears to Him and see if we might just – walk on water. Peace.

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