Pastor’s Corner 8/5/2018

In today’s first reading the Israelites receive the gift of manna, a special bread from heaven to sustain them in the journey through the desert.  In the gospel Jesus states that He is the needed food for the journey when He says: “I am the bread of life, whoever comes to me will never hunger, and whoever believes in me will never thirst.”

More than manna for a desert journey, Jesus, our God, becomes nourishment for our lives.  No matter how often I partake of this special sacrament, nor how often I celebrate Mass, I still feel extremely privileged that the creator and Lord of life chooses to come to me in the form of bread.

As an athlete, training for and participating in triathlons require proper nutrition to assure good results and quick recovery. This means adequate intake during exercise as well as good meals and nutrition before and after the work outs and competitions. For me, this is a wonderful analogy for the spiritual life. We need proper nourishment for the life of faith. If we don’t pay attention to our intake and fail to nourish ourselves with healthy, life-giving food, we will lack the proper strength to continue and blossom in the spiritual life. I hope you recognize the wonderful gift we have in the Eucharist and regularly partake of this Godly food, the bread of life. Blessings.

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