Pastor’s Corner 8/16/2020

Have Pity on Me, Lord

“Have pity on me, Lord, Son of David. My daughter is tormented by a demon.” These words from today’s Gospel reminded me of an event which happened some time back. I went on an early evening hike with some youth from St. Maximilian Kolbe Church in Westlake Village. The plan was to hike a trail behind the church and celebrate Mass together on the hilltop. As I was setting up for Mass a gentleman came hiking through and some in our group asked him to join us for Mass, which he did. At the prayers of the faithful we each were offering our personal intentions and this man prayed for his daughter. He got very emotional as he prayed for his daughter who seemed to have lost the will to live. It was a moment of grace for me and a memory that has imprinted my life to this day. After the Mass the man told me he hadn’t been to church in a while and offered me an orange (the only thing he had). The offering reminded me of the widow’s mite in the Gospel where Jesus said “she gave all she had” (Mark 12:44).
We all have moments of grace, moments woven into our weekly and daily routines. Those moments need to be recognized and treasured. That gentleman affected our group as we most probably affected him. He was able to offer all he had because he was open to changing his plans and decided to join us for prayer. May our God “have pity on us” who often miss the graced moments. May we be willing to change our plans, join others in prayer and offer what we have to God. Blessings.

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