Pastor’s Corner 8/11/2019


I just love the opening line of the second reading from Hebrews today: “Brothers and sisters: Faith is the realization of what is hoped for and evidence of things not seen.” In our modern society we are constantly bombarded with evidence and facts. Many seem to need these in order to believe. But belief or faith is of things not seen, things not provable, other-worldly things. Certainly much of our faith is supported by facts. However, key issues like resurrection, heaven, sins — these are things we cannot see but yet we still must believe. Don’t be fooled by a society which says “prove it.” Not everything can be proven. Can the depth of love be proven? Can a couple giving themselves in marriage know for certain they will remain together the rest of their lives? Can the forgiveness of our sins be seen? Thanks be to God we have Jesus who did live and die and rose. We have his words and his example – the example of God’s Son. Thanks be to God we have people of faith throughout our long history – saints who have lived and died for what wasn’t provable but what they knew and felt in their hearts. Today, there are many such saintly people.

A quote I often remember goes: “surround yourself with good people and good you will become.” I feel blessed here at St. Rita Parish as so many people take their walk with Jesus seriously and are trying to live as His disciples. Let us surround ourselves with such people — good, faith-filled intentional disciples and we shall become good, faith-filled intentional disciples. May we each grow ever deeper in our faith. Peace.

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