Pastor’s Corner 7/22/2018

A Day of Rest

While some cultures build the workday around the afternoon siesta, thus ensuring that all workers have a daily time of renewal, others no longer even endorse the idea of “keeping Sunday.” Instead, everyone is constantly busy, caught up in an endless cycle of tasks to be done.

Terry Hershey (a Christian writer and well known speaker) wrote a book entitled, “The Power of Pause” emphasizing the importance of pause, and that the Sunday Sabbath is a pause necessary to keep us healthy. He wrote: “God rested, not because he was tired. God rested to celebrate, to savor, to delight in, to play, to revel in the creation, to say, ‘It is good’” (page 99).

Recognizing the value pausing and the need of solitude and rest Jesus invited his apostles to “come away by themselves to a deserted place and rest a while.” Without Jesus’ intervention, the disciples might have continued ministering until their energy was completely used up. Without God’s request to keep Sunday as a day of rest and worship, we too might find that our energy is completely used up. We need time to rest, to celebrate, to savor, to play and to enjoy the good from God. From the earliest pages of the Bible the “day of rest” modeled God’s behavior (when on the seventh day God rested). Let us model God’s behavior and keep this day of rest. Let us respond as disciples of Jesus and use Sunday as an opportunity to come away from the pressures of life and rest a while. May we have the power to pause. Peace.

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