Pastor’s Corner 6/25/2017


This along with Jesus’ declaration to his apostles that the Heavenly Father knows even if a small bird falls from a tree to the ground is meant to give assurance that not only is God aware and knowledgeable about us, but he cares deeply and personally about each and every one of us.

The Father is the one who calls and it is the Father who cares; his Son, Jesus, also promises to remain and to be with his disciples even to the end of the ages. Jesus imparts this message to those he is sending out as “sheep among wolves.”  He wants this faith to underpin what will be required of them along the way.  In this regard we are reminded of the prophet, Jeremiah, and the example he provides as in the midst of “terror on every side,” he says “But the Lord is with me like a mighty champion… ”

The summer days of backyard barbecues and of flying the flag are upon us.  It is a welcome time of shifting gears and celebrating the gift of life as individuals, couples, families, communities and nations.  It behooves us as Christians not to lose sight, though, of those who so desperately need the same reprieve but are not so fortunate.  The gift of “camperships” to inner city kids, reaching out to those far from home, aiding a shut-in or a caregiver to enjoy a summer concert are types of ways that we can be the instruments of the today’s Gospel assurance.  Those in hospitals and prisons can come to faith that Jesus is with them—no matter what—but an act of personal human care and kindness can be the gift of a little heaven on Earth.

Perhaps the greatest need today is to put every effort into finding out “Just how exactly does one learn to love one’s enemies?”  I think we should caucus this until we are blue in the face.  Why?  Because the very hairs of our heads are counted – so closely is God watching us.  And fear not, because, as humanly imperfect our efforts may be—God is our Champion!


Next week we welcome back our beloved Fr. Roberto.  In the next bulletin we will include a little “bio” in order to introduce him to new members of the parish.  He will be with us through the month of July.  Praise Jesus!

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