Pastor’s Corner 6/14/2015

Seeds That Bear Fruit

This Sunday we hear about “seeds scattered and sown” that bear much fruit, and about a “mustard seed” that becomes so large that that it can provide a place for birds to nest in. In the wake of so many commencements and graduations, this is indeed an inspiring message. If the God of all creation can do this with a few seeds, what wonders might the Lord not work with those created most in God’s image and likeness?

As today’s Gospel passage invites us to think about seeds that bear much fruit, my own thoughts turn as well to our St. Rita teachers. The Religious Education Program is on summer break, but thanks to them for the seeds of faith they have sown. This Friday, I will join with our St. Rita School administration, teachers, and staff to give thanks for another banner year. My heart is filled with gratitude to each and every one. These teachers actually have children watch seeds germinate and become plants, and watch chicks break through eggs to spread wings for the first time. (Parents are happy that this can take place in a classroom.) Science and all subjects taught, because of these dedicated and faith-filled folks, find meaning and understanding only in the light of faith. When our children sing from the sanctuary, from where you sit in the church you see the faces of the children; from where I sit, I see the faces of our teachers leading and our parents rejoicing. To me this says it all. It’s worth every penny you put in the basket on Sunday! It is in everyday life, the living out of today’s Gospel parables.

This past Sunday, at the 10 AM Mass, our St. Rita School and Religious Education May 2015 First Communicants were invited back and to take their place in the sanctuary to sing their communion songs on the Solemnity of The Body and Blood of the Lord. I was sitting in the pews for this, and as their angelic voices lifted up our hearts (and melted any cold ones), a parishioner leaned forward from the pew in back of me and whispered in my ear, “This is what makes it all worth it, isn’t it?” My response, “You betcha!”

I also pray that this Sunday inspires us to work and pray for vocations to ordained, consecrated, and committed life in our Catholic Church. Truly, these are seeds that need to be sown. Yes, Jesus said to pray to the “Harvest Master,” but we also have to be about the business of “sowing seeds.” These days, how likely is it to be heard in our homes that we would like to see a priest or a religious come from our family? A conversation around this topic would be just the right place to start. We might have all kinds of preconceived notions about where such a discussion might lead—but we might also be very surprised at the conclusions. Let the Spirit be our guide!

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