Pastor’s Corner 6/30/2019

In the Gospel today Jesus says: “No one who sets a hand to a plow and looks to what was left behind is fit for the kingdom of God.” Those last few words caught my attention, “fit for the kingdom of God.” Are you “fit for the kingdom of God?”

As an athlete and particularly a triathlete (swim, bike and run), I exercise quite regularly to stay physically fit. This is good for my health, sanity (stress reduction) and overall well being. I also realize that I have to attend to my spiritual life as well if I am to be an effective pastor. I need to make time for annual retreats, have monthly days of reflection and daily prayers and meditations. Not only do these things assist me in being a good pastor, it keeps me spiritually healthy and attributes to my overall well being. The spiritual life intersects into the physical and emotional parts of the person, and I realize the great need to attend to my spiritual fitness.

In today’s Gospel Jesus says: “Follow me.” To follow Him is to make His ways our ways, and His values our values. Jesus made a priority to have time for reflection and prayer, time to commune with His Father and our God. May we do the same and always be attentive to our spiritual fitness. Peace.

—Fr. Tom

P.S. THANK YOU — I am so grateful for the wonderful celebration of my 30th ordination anniversary St. Rita Parish Community provided last weekend. I am so blessed to be a priest and so fortunate to be at this parish. Thank you so much for your outpouring of love toward me and my family.

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