Pastor’s Corner 6/24/2018

Let’s all join in: HAPPY 2051st BIRTHDAY JOHN THE BAPTIST!

In the meantime (say it’s not true), this is my last official weekend at St. Rita’s.  You have already bid me farewell with a most loving and amazing Mass and Reception on The Solemnity of The Most Holy Body and Blood of the Lord (Corpus Christi), last June 2nd.  Since then, there have been many “mini farewells,”—almost non-stop—in the form of breakfasts, lunches, and (my favorite), the Der Wienerschnitzel Truck.  For all of these I am profoundly grateful!  —if not a little overfed.

As I ride off into the desert, here are some parting thoughts:

Regarding the new pastor, Fr. Tom Baker, practice saying things like, “What or how do you prefer?”; “How would you like to  . . .?”; What is your approach to . . .?”; and “What’s your usual way to . . .?”.  At all costs, avoid saying, “Well, Fr. Richard used to  . . . .”; or “Well, Msgr. Richard always . . .”  —no, no, no, no—mustn’t do that!  And most importantly—show Fr. Tom the love that you showed me when I arrived for my first year—that’s a tried and true formula!

Regarding St. Rita Stewardship: I will pray sincerely that you retain a strong sense of facilitating St. Rita’s future—because God calls you to do so and because you believe in it and you also desire it.  Believe in all 5 Phases and accomplishing the next 4:  shrine and parish center, elementary school, middle school, and final landscape.  It’s just a matter of retaining the culture that has already been developed.  Since the Master Plan was first conceived, many new and younger parishioners have joined St. Rita.  They love what they see and want to bring new life to all that St. Rita is.  Welcome and foster this!

Regarding contacting me:  Please understand that my home in the desert is not just mine, but also Fr. Ken’s.  We both have had multiple church assignments and if literally thousands of our former parishioners feel to “just drop by,” privacy would be nil and retirement would be a misnomer. You understand.  That is why I will have a special mailing address:

Rev. Richard G. Krekelberg
31855 Date Palm Drive – Suite 3, PMB 423
Cathedral City, CA 92234

For email, please use: [email protected]

Lo and behold: in retirement I will be trying to develop a personal website.  AFTER AUGUST 15, 2018, you might look in on Then there will be other links connected to the site.

So for now . . . love and prayers for my St. Rita Family,

—Msgr. Richard

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