Pastor’s Corner 6/19/2019


Today we celebrate Trinity Sunday. On this day we celebrate our God who is Father, Son and Holy Spirit. We have a God who creates, protects and watches over us as a father; a God who is a friend and companion who walks with us as a son; and, a God who sustains us with strength and courage through the spirit. God is with us and this brings us hope.

In our second reading today from St. Paul’s letter to the Romans we hear that “hope does not disappoint.” In our lives it often seems that this is not always true. Sometimes we are disappointed as we hope for the cure of a friend with a terminal disease or an end to the violence and injustice in the world. Perhaps the hope for a job promotion, a happy marriage or successful children does not occur and we feel disappointed. However, St. Paul was speaking about spiritual hope. Spiritual hope lies not in a specific outcome but in the love of God who redeems and sanctifies human existence. Thus, it is a hope that we have a purpose beyond our daily lives and even beyond life itself. It is a hope that God’s wisdom will bring all things into eternal balance, healing and order. It is a hope that all will be well in ways we cannot imagine and in a time we cannot see.

May God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit give each of you this spiritual hope as you journey onward in faith. Peace.

P.S. The first person of the Holy Trinity is the Father — and on this, Father’s Day, I extend my prayers and blessings for all Fathers.

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