Pastor’s Corner 5/24/2015

Come Holy Spirit, Come!

This Pentecost we can’t help but beg a very generous portion of God’s Holy Spirit to inflame our hearts at St. Rita, since we have entered upon a multi-phase master plan—the fulfillment of a now time-honored (2007) St. Rita Pastoral Plan. When you think about it, we are really invoking the Holy Spirit to assure us that our master plan is indeed “The Master’s Plan.” And of course a deeper communion with Him and with each other in The Holy Spirit is exactly His plan—all of it: being Church, proclaiming the Good News, and building the Kingdom right here in Sierra Madre.

At the same time, this Pentecost, we are Church Local (the Archdiocese of Los Angeles), and Church Universal and Global. We are the wider faith community of the San Gabriel Valley Pastoral Region. Archbishop Jose Gomez, the Regional Vicars and Bishops, and our Holy Father Francis are all relying on our prayers today. We ask The Holy Spirit to descend upon them, to grace and guide them that they be Good Shepherds. Your priests (including your pastor of 11 years and ordained 42) most sincerely seek your prayerful support as well. Our deacons seek our prayers for service to the Church and for preaching the Good News.

Ordained and vowed service in the Church simply makes no sense nor has purpose without the Body of Christ—all the Baptized.   As we prayed for our candidates for Confirmation last month, so now we double our efforts to invoke for all of us, those gifts of the Holy Spirit. So for all of our dedicated staff and leaders, trained, formed and commissioned ministers, we pray that they may be given the Spirit of wisdom and understanding, the Spirit of right judgment and courage, the Spirit of knowledge and reverence. And for all we pray The Spirit of wonder and awe in God’s presence.

For infant, child, young, young adult, adult and senior, this Pentecost we pray the joy of being Church. We celebrate that first descent of God’s Holy Spirit upon those gathered in the upper room of the Last Supper, and we celebrate today the wonderful presence of the Holy Spirit right here at St. Rita—that very Holy Spirit that enables and empowers our Holy Communion, that deepens our Faith, strengthens our Hope, and leads us to transforming Love.

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