Pastor’s Corner 4/16/2017

A Joyous and Blessed Easter to you!
He Has Risen as He Said!  Alleluia!

My prayer for you in The Holy Eucharist this Easter Season is that the gifts of the RISEN LIFE will be yours in abundance. Those gifts of course are an increase of faith in the One that has risen triumphant over sin and death; greater hope in Him whose promises to us are made true; and love enough to overcome daily challenges and to greet each morning with the desire to be part of His kingdom. Especially in this era of all types of recovery—individual, ecclesial, and global—faith in Jesus’ promise that every cross will have its resurrection is of the essence. I pray religious tolerance of those who differ from us by way of denomination, religion, or other belief, for every personal journey to the truth of God is sacred. “Jesus died and rose that we might find our way to him and to one another.” May all who encounter us in the days, weeks, and months ahead see in our countenance and deportment the evidence of our abiding confidence in the Lord—the result of our renewed faith!  May we sing loudly and really meant it – ALL ARE WELCOME!

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