Pastor’s Corner 4/7/2019

Choose Mercy and Love

Today’s gospel is the story of the woman caught in adultery. Jesus spoke often of the love and mercy of God, but his words would mean nothing unless he can forgive the person in front of him who needs forgiveness (the woman caught in adultery). Threatened with excommunication from his own religion, Jesus chooses love and mercy over the law and worldly expectations.

In the first reading the prophet Isaiah proclaims the greatness of God and shows the love God has for his people. Not only did God lead the people from slavery to freedom, he will also make deserts become like gardens where everyone will eat and drink. Jesus makes our desert journey of Lent come alive through his resurrection and through offering us mercy and love.

As followers of Jesus we must begin to make his choices our choices and his way our way. This begins when we practice what Jesus taught. The world does not extend mercy very easily and tends toward an eye for an eye attitude. Jesus came to change that attitude and lead us toward mercy and compassion. The scriptures remind us that as we judge so we shall be judged. There may be plenty of reasons to point fingers at others but I have many more reasons to point at myself and my personal need for change and growth — the type of change and growth that is available through a personal relationship with Jesus. Let Jesus, the one who shows mercy and forgiveness, be our example and guide. Peace.

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