Pastor’s Corner 3/9/2014

One of the things Jesus quotes to the devil is: The Lord Your God Shall you Worship and Him Alone Shall You Serve.

LENT is certainly about “getting back on track” and SERVING HIM ALONE is the track we want to return to. For the next forty days every tendency for decision making and action taking that we have should be up for examination and review. All should be carefully scrutinized as acceptable because it is in service to the Lord alone or as unacceptable because in truth it is part of some other agenda in service to whatever else.

FASTING, ALMSGIVING, and PRAYER is the stuff of Lent. And regarding these three elements, we were advised on Ash Wednesday:

Now is the acceptable time. Now is the moment of Salvation!

This is LENT 2014. It will not be given to us again. Now is the acceptable time. What is more, if we do not personally desire conversion—restoration of the mind and heart to God—I advise, we might as well skip Lent altogether. Preparing to celebrate Jesus’ resurrection worthily is nothing short of the practice of a lifetime. Imagine yourself at the hour of death. What would give us more assurance than that we had spent our lives preparing for the Resurrection of the Dead by always “returning to the Lord with all our hearts?”

On the journey with you—Msgr. Richard

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