Pastor’s Corner 3/31/2019

When God Ran

In today’s gospel we hear the story of the prodigal son. This story not only reveals the conversion of the young man but it also reveals the tremendous mercy and forgiveness of the father. God is that Father and we are those who leave His presence and go our own way. In the story it tells how upon seeing his son returning, the father “was filled with compassion. He ran to his son and embraced him and kissed him.” What an incredible Father we have! After all the son had done, after all we do, God, our Father, still waits for our return. And when He sees us returning, He runs to us and embraces us. He runs to us, WOW!

There is a Christian song written by Benny Hester reflecting on this aspect of God and the song title is: “When God Ran.” God has tremendous love for each one of us and is patient in awaiting our return from our own paths. But when we do return, He cannot contain His joy and excitement and He runs to embrace us.

Let this Lent surprise us by such wondrous love and let us commit ourselves more fervently to the path of God. Let us run our lives by His ways and direct our choices along His paths. May our lives bring blessings to others and honor and praise to our God. Peace.

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