Pastor’s Corner 3/29/2020

Rising to New Life

Today’s Gospel is the story of Jesus raising Lazarus to new life. Back in 1994 I had the awesome privilege of going on a pilgrimage to the Holy Land with a group of priests. While there, each priest placed a request to be the main celebrant at a sacred site. I chose the tomb of Lazarus for the site to be the main celebrant amongst this group of priests. What an honor and a remarkable place to celebrate Mass, the place where Jesus brought Lazarus forth from death.

Lent is our time to allow Jesus to bring us back to life, for we each fall into sin and away from our true nature as sons and daughters of God. Even today, well into the Lenten season, we are given the opportunity to allow Jesus to call us forth from whatever entombs us.

Sometimes I feel entombed by all the responsibilities I have as a pastor. Fortunately, I am not completely alone in this task. I am blessed to be ministering with wonderful disciples on staff, in our school and in the many devoted volunteers. Truly, I am proud to serve here at St. Rita Parish and amazed by the “life-giving” people who are part of this parish community.

Thank you to each of you who help ease my burdens and responsibilities and assist in making this parish a place where God’s presence is realized. Many years ago Lazarus was raised from the dead by the power of Jesus. Today I am rising to new life through so many of you who are the face and presence of Jesus for me. Thank you so much. Blessings to you all as we near the holiest days of the Church year. Peace.

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