Pastor’s Corner 3/24/2019

God Is Always With Us

In today’s first reading we read from the third chapter of the book of Exodus when God appears to Moses in the burning bush. This marks the beginning of God revealing His divine presence to the people. Apparently, God felt a need to be personally involved in the lives of the Jewish people. Having been forced into slavery in Egypt, these people felt God had departed from their lives. God intervened by giving His authority to Moses and then sending Moses to Pharaoh in order to free the people. From that point on God would interact regularly in the lives of the people.

Every so often we believe that God has gone away from us, like the enslaved people in Egypt. We don’t feel God’s presence or see God’s power or action in our lives. But the truth of the gospels is just the opposite. God is always present with us. Sometimes that presence is hidden behind a burning bush, a quiet morning, a starlit night or a friendly face and we may just miss recognizing it as God. Sometimes God’s presence seems missing because of our sins and neglect of our spiritual life. Sometimes we simply miss God communicating to us through a friend’s embrace, a child’s smile or a stranger’s kindness.

As the gospel suggests, let us fertilize our spiritual lives so that we can be aware of God’s presence with us. And may that realization help us radiate His presence to others. Peace.

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