Pastor’s Corner 3/22/2020

Don’t Be Blinded by Appearances or Assumptions

Two Buddhist monks on their way to the monastery came upon an exceedingly beautiful woman at the river bank. Like them, she wished to cross the river but the water was too high. So one of the monks lifted her on his back and carried her across. The other monk was thoroughly scandalized. For two hours he scolded the monk on his negligence of keeping the holy rule. Had he forgotten that he was a monk? How dare he touch a woman – and more, actually carry her on his back. And what would people say? And on and on he went. Finally, the other monk broke in and said to his scolding brother, “I dropped that woman at the river. Are you still carrying her?”

If we judge by appearances we may be like the blind man in today’s gospel. The monk in the story was making a judgment on appearances. He was blind to the kind act because of the appearance. It’s not difficult to see how wrong he was. Maybe we need to look at ourselves to make sure we are not judging by appearance. Are we arriving at conclusions without trying to get a fuller picture? Are we making assumptions? Jesus is the light of the world and we need to walk as children of the light. May we hear the call of Jesus to be his disciple and not be blinded by appearances or assumptions. Peace.

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