Pastor’s Corner 2/21/2016

“Master, it is good that we are here…”

These are Peter’s words to Jesus in reaction and response to his experience of his Master “transfigured.” It would be appropriate to make Peter’s words our own this 2nd Sunday in Lent, because if Lent is anything, it should be a time of Christ being transfigured for us as well. The first transfiguration was transforming for Peter, James and John; they were forever changed by the experience and would never be able to look at things the same from then on. Lent is meant to change us as well and, if our Lenten journey is successful, we too should never see things exactly the same for the rest of our lives. The fruit of our Lenten observance can be (IF we surrender enough), a deeper faith, more trust in the Lord, and confidence of his loving care and companionship through all of life’s experiences.

The effort that we make individually and personally during Lent is not a selfish business. Whatever we commit ourselves to in terms of fasting, almsgiving, and prayer is meant to convert us, help us to become better people, and encourage us to become instruments of God’s kingdom now, at this time, and on this Earth. This could only benefit and bless the people we live with, work with, and journey to the Father with. When your child is obviously enjoying you more or you are experiencing better communication and understanding with your teenager, or when loneliness becomes blessed solitude, the Lenten brand of selfishness will only be cause for gratitude and celebration.

Peter also beseeches the Lord, “Let us build three tents…” in hopes of holding on to the moment; something of the Transfiguration was so prized and precious to him that he did not want to let go of it or to lose it. For us that should also be the outcome of a Lent well spent—we should be so lifted up that we would want to “bottle it and sell it.” But in fact, Peter, James, and John were not allowed to order a Blu-ray online of the Transfiguration for a keepsake. They were left with the experience only and with the challenge to live the remainder of life banking on the faith they had gained. Just so we will be expected to rely on the deepening of our faith after Lent 2016, so we should make the absolute best of it. Don’t you think? God thinks so: ‘”This Is My Chosen Son; Listen to Him.”

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