Pastor’s Corner 2/3/2019

A man once told me about how in college he was failing his classes and running with the wrong crowd. Then he met his future wife. Because of her love, his whole life changed. He cleaned up his life, they were married and now have three beautiful children. Love can and does change everything.

Our second reading today is from St. Paul to the Corinthians. He tells us that love is the greatest of virtues, the one that lasts. St. Paul spends most of the reading describing the qualities of love, qualities that can change your life. Jesus, in the Gospel, shows what happens when love isn’t present. The world becomes a place of mistrust and exile. Today, with the prophet Jeremiah, we ask God to deliver us from mistrust and lead us deeper into love.

I grew up in a home filled with love. Although there was fighting and disagreements, I knew with certainty the love of my parents and that of my brothers and sisters. Although not all have a positive upbringing to learn about love, we are called as followers of Jesus to be people of love. In our world there seems to be a growth in hatred and mistrust, something I try hard to resist. May we all be the kind of disciples that reflect the love and acceptance of Jesus. Peace.

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