Pastor’s Corner 2/28/2021


In today’s gospel we hear the story of the transfiguration. Some years ago I had the good fortune to travel to the Holy Land with a group of priests. We spent 10 days walking where Jesus walked and reflecting on the scriptures. It was a wonderful experience. I recall the journey up the mountain of transfiguration and the tremendous feeling I had being in the place where the disciples saw the glory of Jesus revealed. As wonderful as that experience was, I have come to realize that I don’t have to travel all the way to Israel to experience the glory of God revealed. I see God’s glory revealed during the sacraments of Baptism, Reconciliation, Eucharist, Marriage, Ordination and Anointing. I see God’s glory in our young people who come here on Sunday’s preparing to receive the sacrament of Confirmation. I have seen His glory through many of you during these last years here at St. Rita Parish. And there are many other times and places I have experienced the glory of God revealed to me.

This week’s Corporal Work of Mercy is to Clothe the Naked. We can bring transformation to others through our care and our companionship. Please participate in our new sock, underwear and diaper drive. These will be donated to the St. Francis Center and Covenant House and you can drop those items at Church this weekend.
Let us act with the faith of Abraham we saw in today’s first reading and through our lives reveal the glory and goodness of God to others. Through each one of us may the world be transfigured into the glory of God. Peace.

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