Pastor’s Corner 2/24/2019

Union With God

Thomas Merton, one of the great spiritual writers of the 20th century, felt that our whole spirituality centers on the question of our ultimate human identity. And that ultimate human identity is that we are one with God. The problem is, however, that we have lost sight of this union with God and have become self-centered. Much of this self-absorption is reflected in modern society. In today’s Gospel, Jesus reminds is not to give in to this false reality of life but cling to our life with God. “Be merciful, just as your father is merciful. Stop judging, forgive, give.” These are ingredients of the God-centered life.

In a short time (March 6) we will begin the season of Lent, a season to assist us in getting re-centered upon God and our true identity as His sons and daughters. Let use these upcoming days to decide how we might use the Lenten season to better unite with God. May we strive to be more united to God by the actions that reflect God—actions of mercy, understanding, forgiveness and generosity. Peace.

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