Pastor’s Corner 12/6/2020

Coming Preparation

Last week my message was titled “coming” since that’s what the word Advent means. This week John the Baptist reminds us to “prepare a way, make straight his paths.”

The Crayon Box from your Advent Supply Bag is this week’s special item to help the domestic church stay focused on this Gospel truth. Crayons are used to make blank pages come alive. This crayon box is to remind you that you can prepare a way for the Lord by coloring the world with goodness and peace. As the domestic church, help Jesus come alive in your living space by doing good deeds. Don’t get so wrapped up in yourself, in your holiday preparations and other worldly concerns that you forget to “prepare a way for the Lord.” Color the world with God’s goodness and share His peace.

Be sure to assist in the Straw Project by writing your good deeds and gifts on the colored paper supplied in the Advent Bags. These strips of paper will help build a warm, comfortable straw manger for the Baby Jesus. Start coloring! 

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