Pastor’s Corner 12/23/2018

Advent has always been an especially sacred time for me. It is a time to start a new year focused on God. The focus centers on the God-man event, the incarnation. To me this is the most extraordinary event and most wonderful of gifts. Our God chose to become part of our lives, part of our world and part of our history. As I reflect on this event, I realize that it’s not simply a thing of the past – but also, and so importantly, a thing of the present. I witness God becoming incarnate today in many ways: in the outstretched hands of service, in the repentant hearts of those who seek forgiveness, in the grateful worshippers gathered in prayer and through the financial generosity of those who support our parish. God becomes part of our history (our story), as we allow Him to be born anew in the world through our good works and prayers.

In today’s gospel Elizabeth says about Mary: “Blessed are you among women, and blessed is the fruit of your womb.” Mary is blessed because of her positive response to God, a yes which made possible the God-man event. On Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, as we celebrate this event, we are asked to be like Mary and bring the Christ child into the world. We do this by the way we act, by the kind gifts we give and by the good things we say. Let us show our trust in God and give birth to His Son by the love we share and the light we bear. Blessed will we be among people and blessed will be the fruit of our lives when it centers on Jesus and His mercy and love.

To all who have made Jesus present to me through your service, through your participation in our sacraments, through your financial commitments to this community and to your kind support to this “new kid on the block”, I am grateful.  You have helped make this Advent an even more special season of light and hope.

With Fr. Chris, Deacon Manuel, Deacon John, and the entire Parish Staff we extend to you our prayers for a very Merry Christmas, with abundant blessings from above. God bless you all.  

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