Pastor’s Corner 12/13/2020

Advent Joy and Light

Advent is a special season of light. Jesus, the light of the world, is coming. The candles of the Advent wreath reflect this reality, and each week as we near Christmas, another candle is lit and more light shines. Today is “Gaudete Sunday,” or Rejoice Sunday, the third Sunday of Advent. The joy of this day is reflected in the third candle of the Advent wreath, which is rose or pink color, a sign of expectation as Christmas draws closer. With joyful hearts we continue our Advent preparation with great expectation of the coming of Jesus, the light of the world.
The Christmas Light from your Advent Supply Bag is this week’s special item to help the domestic church stay focused on this Gospel truth. In today’s Gospel we hear that John the Baptist was sent to “testify to the light.” Don’t get so wrapped up in yourself, in your holiday preparations and other worldly concerns that you’re not attentive to the coming of Jesus and forgetting to shine the light of the Lord. The Christmas lights on houses and on Christmas trees is to be a visual reminder that Jesus is the true light of the world and His light conquers the darkness and makes our homes beautifully radiant. May God’s light shining through us make us and our world more radiant as well. Shine on!

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