Pastor’s Corner 11/8/2020

Be Prepared

These two words are extremely important in our lives and the theme of today’s gospel. When planning a trip we need to be prepared. When you start a project you need good preparation. In the event of an earthquake good preparation may save your life. If you are going to participate in a marathon or triathlon you need to be prepared. In our relationship with God we also need to be prepared.

The gospel today (Matthew 25:1-13) is about a wedding banquet. Five bridesmaids are prepared and five are not. The wedding banquet is an image for the heavenly banquet. If we want to get to heaven we need to be prepared. Start today, tomorrow may be too late. And how do you prepare? You celebrate Mass every Sunday, read God’s book, do spiritual reading, go to regular confession, pray often and serve others. Don’t be foolish – BE READY. Peace.

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