Pastor’s Corner 11/4/2018

Open Wide Your Hearts

Affixed to the door posts in many Jewish homes is the mezuzah – a small cylinder made of wood, metal or ceramic that contains a parchment scroll on which Deuteronomy 6 is inscribed in Hebrew. The core of the text is the mandate to love God with all our heart, soul and strength. As observant Jews enter the home, they lightly touch the mezuzah to remind themselves of this great commandment.

In today’s first reading and gospel we hear of this first and greatest commandment. Love of God and neighbor is at the heart of the Jewish law and it’s the foundation of Jesus’ teachings. Over and over, we are challenged by Jesus to go beyond outward religious observance and to live by the spirit of love. This is a challenge that can only be met through continued effort and reliance on God. Perhaps we need to affix a symbol of this commandment to the doorways of our homes. Maybe then the doorways of our hearts might open wider. Let us open wide the doors to Christ by opening wide our hearts to one another. Peace.

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