Pastor’s Corner 11/29/2020


Today we begin our preparation for the COMING of JESUS. The word Advent means “coming” and Jesus comes to us in the past, present and future. The first part of Advent focuses on the future coming at the end of the world. We had a taste of this with last week’s celebration of Christ the King. To be prepared for this coming we have to make Jesus king of our lives right now! The Gospel on this 1st Sunday of Advent says: “Be watchful! Be alert.” The Jingle Bell from your Advent Supply Bag is this week’s special item to help the domestic church stay focused on this Gospel truth. Alarms and bells wake us up, sound alters and get our attention. Many Christmas songs include reference to bells. Don’t get so wrapped up in yourself, in your holiday preparations and other worldly concerns that you’re not attentive to the coming of Jesus. Let the little bell remind you to stay alert to His coming. Ask how He comes into your home, lives, school and work places. Perhaps watch the Polar Express or read the story and be reminded of this season’s message of hope and love. Believe and celebrate hope. Happy Advent!

Also, in case you have not received your Advent Supply Bag, additional bags will be available at the Masses this weekend and during drive through communion. Please, only one per family.

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