Pastor’s Corner 11/24/2019

The Image of God

In the second reading St. Paul writes to the Colossians and says: “He (Jesus) is the image of the invisible God.” So what can we see in Jesus that speaks directly about God and about how we are called to live and be, especially as we celebrate the Solemnity of Christ the King.

First, Jesus was willing to sacrifice. God the Father was willing to sacrifice His own Son so that we could see His image made visible in human form. Jesus’ sacrificial death is a reminder that all of us are called to sacrifice parts of ourselves, for God and for others.

Second, Jesus was merciful. Let me repeat, Jesus was merciful, that is full of mercy. He made visible this invisible aspect of God, an aspect which we are called to reflect and attempt to live. Mercy isn’t easy, but it’s impossible if we fail to realize we are called to it.

Third, Jesus was King. Jesus reflected in himself the sovereignty of God. Because He is our King, we are called to obedience, we are His subjects. What God wants of us is to follow His Son, be willing to sacrifice and be kind and merciful. As we come to another year’s end, may we become more intentional in our walk with Jesus, reflect more closely the image of God in which we were created and radiate more wonderfully that Jesus Christ is our King. Peace.

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