Pastor’s Corner 10/20/2019


In the gospel today we encounter a woman who gains a hearing solely on her persistence. At the very beginning of the gospel we are told that the purpose of the parable is “on the necessity of praying always and not losing heart.” This is an important lesson in our society and in our lives. We are a people who want instant gratification. The transistor and the silicon chip have contributed greatly to this desire as has the consumer society in which we live. We often make the mistake of applying this desire for instant gratification to our prayer lives. This gospel reminds us that we must let God be God and answer in His time. Persistence, not immediate answers, is important.

Throughout the gospel of Luke, we are being challenged to live our discipleship more authenticity. This requires responding generously to God’s gift of love by sharing that love with others. Discipleship entails allowing Jesus to become real in our lives and then sharing His love and goodness with others. This takes prayer, practice and persistence. Let us pray that our deepening relationship with Jesus will allow us to be persistent and patient as we develop as His missionary disciples. Peace.

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