Pastor’s Corner 10/18/2020

Are You a Missionary?

Today is World Mission Sunday and it reminds us that the Church and its needs are much bigger than St. Rita. While we each have our own financial responsibilities, many places in the world are much worse off. Today we are asked to reach out to this portion of the Church with generosity.
Today’s Scripture readings speak about our missionary task to all nations. In the First Reading from Isaiah, the Lord speaks to Cyrus, a Gentile, indicating that Cyrus is his instrument so that the people from the east to west may know that he is the Lord, “there is no other.” In the Second Reading we hear the words of St. Paul, the great missionary to the nations, who proclaimed the gospel and established the Church among the peoples in the Mediterranean area.
We are challenged by God to be missionary minded; to give even when we’d rather keep. In today’s Gospel from Chapter 22 of Matthew we are reminded to “give to Caesar what is Caesar’s, but to God what is God’s.” Ours is a call to give rather than keep, to speak rather than be silent, and to build rather that destroy. Let us build God’s kingdom be being missionary minded – especially since we are all on a mission back to heaven. Through our prayers and financial support we share in the hardships and joys of missionaries throughout the world. Being missionary minded and helping to support the missions is another way we bring life during this Respect Life month. “Grace to you and peace” (from today’s 2nd reading).

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