Pastor’s Corner 10/11/2020

Staying in Shape

“I can do all things in Him who strengthens me” (Philippians 4:13). This quote from today’s Second Reading is one of those verses I have committed to memory. I repeat it over and over again as I train and compete. Notice that the emphasis in the verse is on Him, that is, God / Jesus. I must continually reexamine my life to make sure He still is the focus. In our society it’s easy to get off track and fall into self-centered behavior rather than God-centered.

In today’s Gospel (Matthew 22) Jesus notices some are not prepared for the wedding banquet, they are not physically dressed correctly. To be “physically prepared” is important, but this Gospel is really talking about being “spiritually prepared.” It is important that we all make time to improve our soul as well as our body. To be in good shape is a wonderful thing, physically and spiritually.

This month of October, this Respect Life month, is a great opportunity to respect our spiritual lives and give more time and attention to our faith. Spend some time with Him who gives us strength. You can make private time for prayer or use an app to grow in faith. Our parish has a subscription to and the steps for free access are spelled out in our bulletin. has movies on saints, sacramental programs, Bible teachings and more. The Archdiocese is also presenting a Pathway for Missionary Discipleship (free) and the information and registration is available via the link and go to the Office of New Evangelization.

We make efforts to eat right and to exercise so to stay in physical shape. What steps can be made to stay in spiritual shape? Take advantage of our parish subscription and be “Formed” in your faith.

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