Pastor’s Corner 1/7/2018

Today the words of the gospel proclaim about the wise ones: . . . AND THERE, AHEAD OF THEM, WENT THE STAR, THAT THEY HAD SEEN AT ITS RISING . . . .

The question for us today, in our own time and in our own generation is:  “Are we to be counted among the wise?”  I suppose that a prior question would have to be, “Do we even have a star to follow?”

For you who have gathered here today to celebrate the Epiphany of the Lord (or perhaps at home, unable to attend, but receiving Holy Communion and getting a copy of the bulletin), THE STAR to follow is OUR RELIGION AND OUR FAITH.  If you think about it, most often the guiding light in people’s lives around the world is what they believe in.  Sometimes that fact can be scary.  Right?  Scarier, though, is the fact that in life many have no guiding light to follow at all!

At the raising of the Host and Chalice today; at beholding people processing to receive Blessing and Holy Communion today:  see your Guiding Light!  Believe in it.  Live it!

Epiphany calls to us on a few levels:  before anything else, it is a call to believing that God reveals God’s self at all; next it is a God-given, life-changing experience (a theophany); and, finally, it is a call to witness by living out our God-given vocations.  Look to those original wise men at Bethlehem to see the truth of this.  They believed in great significance of a leading star; their lives were changed forever; and they boldly went forth to give witness and do God’s will with humility and trust.  There you have it!

For my campaign money (excuse the commercial please), no year more than 2018 could use a great Epiphany of the Lord!  And if you believe that our Faith and Religion is indeed the guiding light to follow throughout this year, then EVANGELIZE!  Let us attract others to our faith, to embracing our religion, and to our parish of St. Rita, by the way we live and practice our faith.  In Bethlehem, on the Cross, and in the Resurrection, is our Guiding Light—the Light that dispels the darkness.  Then 2018 has the potential to offer our children and our youth new hope, a path to follow, to hang the experiences of life upon—THE GIFT OF EIPHANY!    

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