Pastor’s Corner 1/31/2021

Raising Up Prophets

Who are today’s prophets? Perhaps first we must ask – what is a prophet? A prophet is one who speaks for God, and in our world today there are many who speak for God (priests, teachers, parents, friends). One most important role in our Church today is to pray for more priests and to encourage those we think may be called to priesthood.

In the first reading today Moses spoke to the people, saying: “A prophet like me will the Lord, your God, raise up.” I believe there are future priests right here at St. Rita Church. I believe Moses’ words to his people are also meant for us today, “a prophet like me will the Lord, our God, raise up from among your own kin.” If Catholics want to continue to have sacraments available to them then every single Catholic must realize it is their responsibility to help find and call forth these priests (prophets who will speak for God).
Seminarian Intern Michael DiPietro reminds us that young men are still responding to God’s call to serve in the Church. Please lift him up in prayer and pray for increased vocations to the priesthood. Please, don’t pass off this important responsibility. Pray for vocations, talk about vocations and invite people to consider giving their life for service in the Church.

In today’s Gospel, the people were astonished at Jesus’ teaching. Try and astonish someone by asking them if they have ever considered a vocation in the Church. Perhaps God will astonish us by raising up prophets from our own Church. May we pray for this and work at making it happen in cooperation with the grace of God. Peace.

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